Terms and Conditions of Entry

All entries to the Derby Athletic Festival 2016 are subject to the Terms and Conditions below.

By submitting an entry you are agreeing to adhere to all of the terms below.

1. Entries will close no later than Friday August 26th at 11pm (2300). No late entries will be

accepted after this date.

2. Entry is open to any athlete from the age of 8 and upwards, with age groups as defined by UK

Athletics. Whilst athletes may be competing with additional age groups to accommodate the

timetable, all results will be broken down by age group and gender.

3. Changes to entries will be accepted no later than the close of entry at 11pm (2300) on Friday

August 26th .

4. Payment will be required before the competition date and no payments on the day shall be

permitted without prior approval from the DAF organising committee. Entrants may pay by one of three means as listed below:

a) Cash / Cheque made payable to Derby Athletic Club and posted to DAF, 4 Aycliffe Gardens, Derby,

DE24 0BX.  Athlete name must be included on the reverse of cheques in order for us to accurately record

your payment.

5. By entering you agree to the festival organising committee storing your contact details for

future use. We will use these to contact you in the event of alterations, to confirm entry, to

confirm details and to advise you of the results being published online.

6. By entering you agree that the photographs and or video may be taken at the event. You agree

to the use of this media in Derby Athletic Club and Derby Athletic Festival publicity and

advertising as the organising committee require.